Kirk wrote to us at the beginning of the year describing Utah – “the land there speaks to my soul, the mountains, the sight of an American Eagle soaring over our homes. A place where you “might” think twice before lowering your standards”.

American Eagle Soaring

In the course of your discovery, you may then find many truths not known prior. It may be that what you thought you knew was a lie. It may be that you are betrayed.

Will you then abandon your choice to the detriment of others? Or will the weary mind abandon hope to succumb to the inevitable and just give up?

What remains? – Only your own personal code of honor. Thank God. Love even to the point of self-sacrifice. (1 John 3:11-13)

What is Your Code Of Honor?

The promise you make does not come from wedding vows. Nor from reason and thoughts expressed by others. Though convincing they may be. It comes from deciding what your personal Code of Honor will be – before you must make your choices. Then keeping to those tenets, no matter what.

Until that time comes, consider yourself carefully. For no one will be there to know what words you may be required to say that your promise may be fulfilled.

Just as no one will be there to help you pick-up all those shattered pieces of your life when that trial of faith is finished. No matter the strength of their beliefs at the time their promise to you was made.

People will tell you that it doesn’t matter what others say about you. It does. So even if you can’t keep your word at a specific time and place, it should be known that you will keep it. Then do.

Remember The Good That Once Was

Do not worry about those who “think” they know the truth of our actions or words. Do not defame or decry them for their bad acts. Keep in your heart remembrances of the good that once was. Then concern yourselves with those who truly come to know… as you begin to “trust” again.

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