American Song Moo Kwan Association StudentsMore than one Grand Master has sat in judgement where my students testing was at issue. In each case there came a time when the Master straightened, jerked upright, or gasped at the technical prowess being shown. Even, on one occasion, being executed by a 12 year old boy.

The question and chastisement following was one which made my heart swell with pride. A technique these instructors believed could not be accomplished by someone of “under black belt ranking.”  What followed was a continuing stream of students demonstrating far beyond their stated rank. Then, in later testings, each Grand Master’s expectation of greater achievement.

For this reason  I was permitted to learn techniques not taught specifically within the ranks of these Grand Master’s own students. Becoming a conduit for understanding martial truths in teachings handed down over the years.  Permitting greater latitude in teaching – but only where and when these great men permitted me to do so.

I make no spurious boasts over the things I have been honored to be taught. Teachings I have handed down, and am now permitted to hand down further to my own association students. Things zealously guarded until this zenith in the history of the American Song Moo Kwan Association.

With carefully prepared teachings, each participant, whether student, teacher or master may now exemplify personal mastery of a fully developed systems of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Ki Bon Mu Gi (traditional Korean weaponry), including Yu Shin Gumdo (Bop) swordsmanship. A fully integrated, systematic, scientific collective.  Combined, and yet still separate, to maximize your individual potential. The system of training only provided with membership in the American Song Moo Kwan Association.

For the serious martial artist. For those who will “Never Lead From Behind.” For those, whose (who have the, with the, able) ability to inspire others through personal perfection.  And, those who will be the building blocks of their own students futures… By this continuation of an unmatched legacy, I invite you to take your place in the world spotlight. Choose to make the ultimate difference…

For a “life with purpose and distinction.”  You see, “Anything the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.”

See you on the mat.