Too many of today’s films have gone the way of specialized computer graphics, high-end pyrotechnics, and green screen special effects. The screenplays reflected below return us to human stories, events, and situations where character, integrity, ingenuity and a sense of moral values helps win the day. The reality that one man or woman can make a difference.

The male characters of the piece are masculine, chauvinistic, and brave. Female characters are shown as strong and determined as their male counterparts. Comedic under and overtones delve into these traits by particular historical situations in each character’s formative years. Then taking into account today’s neglect of the true meaning of a “hero. ” Male and female, these characters return us to the days when heroes were the people we looked up to. When choices supported, rather than degraded the human psyche.


The following Screenplays have been written by Kirk Koskella:

1) Suspense/Adventure – Feature

(High powered, high-tech Military/Martial Arts trilogy. Where life is never as shown on the five o’clock news. Nor, apparently, in the hidden bunkers of the Pentagon.)

Matt Kelly served his country in U.S. Army Special Forces. Part of a team like Delta Force, but without all the rules. When Central Intelligence Command needs a team that never existed they call “Echo One.”

Matt’s decking of his C.O. has him resisting retirement until starting a small martial arts studio in Encino, California. No longer one of America’s elite, he’s found a new life teaching kids how to stay out of trouble. Or at least that was the idea. You see, when your country calls, you’re never really retired. A debt is due and the man known as “the Weapons Master” is more than ready to answer his country’s call.

“Debt of Honor”

Matt Kelly doesn’t miss Covert Ops. He’s retired, done his part. Now the only Assassins he has to worry about are his 10-12 year old martial arts students. But nobody told the bad guys.

As former Team Members begin to disappear and turn up dead, Matt Kelly isn’t happy… and no matter what the Army has to say about it, he won’t just sit back and watch.

“Call to Duty”

Matt Kelly usually approves of specialized teams handling rescues when hostages are taken. After all, SWAT or HRT are fine organizations to threats.

That is, until a woman long since dead happens to be one of the hostages. Matt is way off the reservation on this one. But a love once lost will never be permitted to die twice.

Not even at 1000 to 1 odds. The cost of his own life is not something even thought about. Matt demands some answers.

“Acceptable Damage”

Matt Kelly returns to a place where battle once took his best friend. Investigating the disappearance of fellow soldiers. Haunting memories question his sanity. Images coalesce, though distorted in increasing nightmares.

In a place secure from all threats, Matt finds more than ghosts. Becoming the subject subject of his own disappearance. A whole different kind of terrorist awaits. And, Matt’s life is an acceptable loss. But the Weapon’s Master has another idea.


2) Drama/Thriller – Feature

Ethyl Marie Evans is a writer. Her second romance novel has just taken off and her publisher is hot for the third.

Her penchant for extracting stories from old diaries and journals finds great acclaim with the public, but meeting with resistance from the family’s estate. Madness or magic? The son of world famous magician Fabian Dentworth III isn’t interested in family secrets being aired.

A chance meeting with Ethyl, saving her life in the mix, tells them there is more than one person with a secret. A Secret that kill with bloodless bodies… and no evidence to determine how it was done.


3) Western Adventure (Family) – Feature, Pilot and Series Bible

“Dakota Jane” Janie (Jane) was only 8 when separated from the wagons heading west. She never saw the horrors of her party being executed by supposed Natives. She was too busy seeking flowers. Her father waiting in a mining camp in Oregon.

Yachetka had left his people to enjoy a final adventure before dying alone in the wilderness. His last days must then be spent hiding a brave little girl from savage scavengers. Trying to teach her to be strong when no common language exists. Providing her the strength to go on, alone.


4) Historical Adventure (Family) – Feature, Television Pilot

“The Young American” David Collison Markell, age 13, was taught the pride of being an Englishman.

While his father is away at War, David’s mother dies of typhoid. His sister carted off with relatives heading for Boston and the colonies, believing their father dead.

David stows away aboard a ship bound to find his sister. Then discovered and pressed into service for the crossing. David is befriended by a silversmith named Paul and becomes ensconced in revolution.

Whether traitor, or patriot, David’s own destiny is tested when coming face-to-face with his father on the field of battle.


5) Drama/Adventure/Thriller – Feature

“Yukon Jack” John Daley just wanted to be left alone. His wife has died of cancer. His children estranged. His penchant for being around people has driven him to the Yukon.

Spending the last of his money on a place that you could barely call a shack. But, a place where he can think, and build a life matching physical strength against the elements to remind himself he’s still alive.

But there’s a secret buried on his land. In fact, 14 secrets. If only he hadn’t started digging.


January Updates

Debt Of Honor – Screenplay

As promised we have posted an instalment and “teaser” of this exciting screenplay and we anticipate publishing the e-book in February.

Debt Of Honor ~ By Kirk Irving Koskella