Power Without Force

Power without force is a dedication to principles that represent who you are. When you accept that dedication then your word once given will never be broken.

Kirk Koskella wrote what is known as “Power Without Force”, the framework for those who are able to understand the depth of it’s precepts, for those honorable enough to take up its mantle. Master K gave this to his students in 1981, the American Song Moo Kwan Association and Grand Master Ro in 1998 for all World Song Moo Kwan Association members.

If it’s precepts are adhered to it will not matter what life choices are before you, you will always do the right thing, even if there are severe personal consequences.

So choose carefully, do not raise your hand and accept these promises unless you have the fortitude to live them, to live it’s precepts and to it’s edicts, lest the words of Plato become your demise; “Mankind censuring justice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it”. These are the promises that you make to yourself.


Power Without Force

I Promise to seek the knowledge of my mind.

I Promise to seek the knowledge of my body.

I Promise to respect the knowledge of my mind & body, which is my heart.

I Promise to use that respect to defend those who are unable.

I Promise to walk from myself, before I fight, that pride may be stifled.

I promise to seek total knowledge through dedication to my heart.

I Promise all to myself, to the best of my abilities.



By this promise those who claim fidelity will know you not by the telling’s of sycophants or detractors.


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