I am conservative in my beliefs. I believe in Rule of Law. I support the precepts of individual protected rights my forefathers laid out in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. And, I believe in voting to change what we do not like.

I do not drink, smoke or take illicit drugs. I have never wanted to put myself in any position of impairment where I would not be able to preserve the safety of others. That said, I do not find fault in others for their use of cigarettes or alcohol. I try not to relate to those who may use illicit/illegal drugs.

I have a very few people I would call friends. I prefer smaller groups and more intimate settings to large ones. A true friend knows the difference between fact and fantasy.

They will be there in times of trial. They will do all they can to help – and respect my wishes if I ask them not to. That is, unless they know to do so would cause further harm. A “friend” has to be someone you also see in the mirror each day.

Kirk Koskella