Jennifer’s Birthday

There remains a hole in my heart where you used to be. Though the years have passed, time is no remedy for my other half. Not a day goes by that I do not think of the joy that you brought to me. To our family. When we were a family.

People cannot say what will happen in life. Families, parents, come together never meaning to harm one another. Never seeking to create children with the thought that they will, one day, break their hearts.

And as each birthday passes, the pain of loss grows stronger. The need to reach out ever-present. It is my brother that has told me that you do not want a relationship. That you have moved on.

Princess, it is your birthday. I choose to remember the love that was once abundant. The melodic voice that captured my soul. You play the piano without care, without knowing that I felt that music drifting from heaven’s very height.

You are a wife and mother now. I pray you never must make the same choices I have. Or, to choose between which of your parents would be taken. Which child may be lost to you. For in that moment, you will come to know the pain I endure … to ensure your happiness.

My Princess, be well. Stay strong. You will need all your strength in the coming years. Mostly because you will never be able to choose for your own children. You will never be able to assure their happiness. But you will be able to assure their childhood memories. That is, until they believe themselves smarter that their parents.

You are a wonderful daughter. I love you and always will. Even if you never see this post, my love and my prayers will follow that path heavenward. They will come to you in the music you write. And, one day, you will know the truth of all things… the truth of a father’s love.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer. My Princess.