History and Fates – a commentary by Kirk Koskella

The old adage (sometimes a cliché), is that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  With that in mind, the question often coming to the forefront of my mind is whether we are intentionally turning a blind eye to reason?  A true apathy for logic?  And, deliberate indifference to morality?

It is true that morality has a different definition to people of different cultures and religious persuasions.  Yet, more and more, the induction of violence into any tragedy belies a moral fiber that was once sacred in American society.

A child left in a hot car dies.  A gun cleaning accident becomes a homicide.  The belief that one’s neighbor has done damage to a vehicle initiates lawsuits.  And, the ethnicity of the parties involved seems to make all the difference in the world.  Whether in harsher sentences to prison, advocating violent responses to incidents; or, an indifferent attitude toward the plight of others – initiating a “me first” attitude to the acquisition of material wealth.

Rome and Greece both fell to perversions of multiple varieties.  Equality among all people being the catalytic component.  So how then do we continue to ignore the scope of destruction being propagated against today’s populace in the name of some new group of anarchists?

Be a Father and Mother to your children

Let’s take a step back.

Let’s hold our tongue instead of blaspheming any cornucopia of swearing that has become commonplace.  Let’s return to the “count-to-ten” rule of holding back anger before we speak.  How about we slow down a little bit on the way to work or church (whether late or not).  Then, let’s take a look at the truth of our circumstance.  Really make a plan that is seneschal.  A plan that will permit others to have a little room to breathe, while we take our own time for reflection.

If there are those that seek to endanger the lives of others, then let our law enforcement take the initiative to do their jobs without being an arm-chair authority in the instant judgment of their actions.  At the same time, do not let down our guard to assure that the best available training is provided to reduce incidents of abuse.  And, maybe it is time that term limits be placed on ‘public service’ (including police officers).  ‘X’ number of years on the street, then on to another area that would provide oversight for those with the mental acumen to serve.

I have known police officers that do not become jaded.  I have also been to gatherings at officer’s homes where I would not go back.  Wives would be in one room talking, and the officers would be in another.  The officer’s topics have been about their work; this ‘perp’ did this, and that ‘perp’ did that.  There was not life outside the department.  Except maybe doing a walk or bike-a-thon for fallen officers and their families.

While all our lives often revolve around work, there has to be a limit, or outlet, that preserves humanity and rejuvenates the spirit.  Think well on those whose lives revolve around poverty, sickness, and being preyed on by criminal elements.  What do their gatherings have as topics of conversation.  Is this the idle mind proverb?

We, the people, are saddled by those who speak of the “War on Drugs”, the “War on Blacks”, the “War on ANYTHING” that we perceive as threatening to our personal space.  In this day of abuse, the latest threat is against another person’s right to be different.  The right to think and speak differently.  The right to peaceably express that right.

However, when we seek to sustain our rights by committing sacrilege against another’s faith and belief, then we have become the “me-first” abuser.

So, here is my suggestion:

Be a Father, a Mother, to your children.  Even if your spouse asks you to do something that will ultimately result in circumstances that remove you from your children’s lives, say NO!  If your child becomes involved in some stupid, erroneous, or unworthy cause (especially one that deprives another of their right to peaceably ex-press themselves), take them home.  Find a common worthy activity for you and your family.

Support our public officials.  Support righteous authority.  When those who claim righteous authority, simply because they marched with someone whose ideals they pretend to know, take a journey of your own: return to logic, and study, and personal discovery of the truth of he/she who left their mark on the world.  YOU become the light of your family, friends and ‘positive’ voice of reason.  Only then will we be able to repel the demonic, oppressive, and negative onslaught that is plaguing our world.

History and Fates by Kirk Koskella - reading a BibleThere is a book that proclaimed the lives of those who believe in such things would lose them.  It proclaimed that lives would be lost in faith.  That eternal kingdoms await those who remain unafraid to declare the truth.  It is called the Bible.  If you choose to ignore what is going on around you today, then you need only look to this as a history of what has already been.  Belief is what permits you to remain a defender in all things.  At least until a sure knowledge replaces that belief.

Kirk Koskella May 2015