Happy Birthday, Emily

Time passes and living life brings you another day of remembrance. What often is missed is the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes that come from people far from you… far from your mind.

Though you will likely never see this posting, it commemorates your birth as seen through a Father’s eyes. Never far from thought, never far from emotion, and memories flooding the quiet mind. A soft smile appearing on my lips. People asking me what I am thinking about. Thoughts too personal to voice aloud.

What then is my wish for you on this birthday commemoration?

Life, love and happiness may sound corny. Peace is more apropos. That you may have that soft smile come to you in times of trouble, uncertainty and indecision. That you know, somewhere out there, someone is thinking of you. Even if it is only a memory of Dad.

So, you are a woman who has accomplished much, worked through hardships and overcome what most would have folded to endure. You have good friends, strong will, and a certainty as to what matters most in life.

Then this is what I pray you find; The love of a God that has no limits; The love of a spouse that fills the void in your heart; The love of laughter in the birthing of children. That your heart’s desires be met by whatever dream remains unfulfilled.

I am watching, as always, from afar. Knowing that you deserve this, and much more. May your birthday wishes, each and every one, be fulfilled.

Always, my love,