Emilys Birthday

If we all agree that a ‘person’ is a work in progress, why do so many feel that they have already become masterpieces?

Growing up means that we are able to learn more of ourselves as we adapt to the changes that occur. Whether it is the gray in our temples, the limp that comes from arthritic knees, or even, the need to grab our glasses each time we strive to see our watch.  Growing older is not as much fun as we anticipated growing up would be.

I knew a man who went off to prison leaving his family behind.  He was medicated when he arrived.  They said to assist him in coping.  These meds were not without side effects or delusion.  And, they did not always assist. The man coped the best he could.  But time, and distance from those he loved caused harsh feelings.  Reality was not always within his grasp.  Nor could he take back the things he wrote while thinking himself perfectly able to confront reality.

The most wonderful thing happened.  One day, he stopped taking what was supposed to be good for him and started thinking for himself.  He realized that life has great rewards when you deal with reality, one step at a time.  He realized that all may never be restored.  However, all would be as it should be… one day.

Henry Ford once stated:

“You say I started out with practically nothing, but that isn’t correct. We all
start with all there is, it’s how we use it that makes things possible.”

We are not a finished masterpiece.  We cannot judge those whose footsteps we have not stepped in along that same path.  Are we not to hold honor for what gifts we have received?  … Are we not to assist those who cry out for help whether imprisoned or simply living in a prison of the mind?
We are children of a good and loving Father in heaven. He has given us all we need to achieve success. You are a living example of that.  To me, you are my masterpiece. Even as I know you are still progressing.

So, if I were able to tell you one thing that strikes me as most important, it would be this:

“The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons, singers,
actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began
their journeys when they were none of these things.”   — Mike Dooley

If you are happy today, do not let anyone tell you to do more.  If you are not ready to settle for anything less a dream that you have held secret for years… Then stretch your wings.  Take the chance… and be whatever it is that you have decided to become.

And when you come to the end of your days, be thankful that you have led a great life.  That your talents were not buried up in the earth.  That you did not hide from those who would show true appreciation for you just because YOU are different.

Whether for good, or bad, know that you have held your principles.  Even if others never understand your choices.  Even if they never want to know the truth of your life.  There are two who matter.  The only ones that matter… You and God.

Everyone else may hide from the truth of their lives, for they cannot live with others thinking less of them.  Less because you choose to stand for the truth, or protect the weak, or save those who would rather live apart from you – because they know the truth:

“A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”  – Author Unknown

So, yes.  I will claim you as my masterpiece.  Though an unfinished canvas, you are the daughter I still see in the dreams that keep me going forward.

I will always love you…
Happy Birthday, Emily.