Kirk Koskella Executive Producer

A few years back many people had no idea what a “Dojang” was (the equivalent of the Japanese “Dojo”, or martial arts school). For ease of speech and recognition I created “Dojo Kids.”

It was a simple, straightforward idea about Junior High/Middle School kids dealing with every-day “kid” things – with a twist. Their protector would be the new kid in town. A 12 year old girl who just happened to be a Black Belt.

So I hired an Emmy® winning Director, a school principle (played by “WKRP in Cincinnati’s Gordon Jump”) and a very talented, mostly unknown cast. The pilot and the first few shows were shot in Magna, Utah.

Since I have been asked a bit about the show, I thought I would share a few pieces of history.

You will find here pages from the original press kit providing you with a look at the Dojo Kid’s “Bible.” I understand there is some real interest in viewing and purchasing the originals shows… and quite possibly producing the show anew.



Dojo Kids

Brandon Paris  (Bradley Dutson – Kids Clubhouse,  Pizza  Hut, Water Works)  is looking  forward  to the new school  year, if day  dreaming  doesn’t  get  in the way.   Brandon ‘s older, smarter and almost an adult… “After all, I am an eight grader.”

Brandon’s  best friend, Bobby Neil, (Casey Rion – Kidsongs Series, Higher Learning) is looking for­ward to law school, public office and the eventuali­ty of the Presidency of the United States. This can only happen if he can get Franki (Susannah Miller) to teach him enough about basketball to beat the school jock.

Twink (Scott Fetzer ) is ready to have a package of  twinkies.    But  he  also  needs  another  quarter. “Why is it lenders have better memories than bor­rowers?”

This do-everything-together team of friends is about to find out what growing up means.  Brandon has  his eye  on  the  new  girl in school.     So does Bubba (Willie L. Green aka “Willie G”).  This is a violation  of the #1 Rule of Mount  Kimball Junior High; “No person living or dead shall get to know the cutest, newest girl in school  unless Bubba  says he don’t want her.”

For awhile it looks as if  Mr.  Burke   (Gordon Jump – WKRP  in Cincinatti) can  hold  together anything  the  students  dish  out,  due  to  those “dark days in Korea” he spent with the United States Anny.   Obviously  though,  the past and  the future have little in common.

What nobody counted on is the new girl, Holly Johnson (Katie Lorene Adams – Speed, Casper, Boy Meets World).   She’s  pretty, athletic, studious  and just happens to be a Black Belt in Karate.

This   Family  Adventure…

doesn’t   use  gimmicks   of time-space transport, inter-dimensional aliens, or hardcore bone crushing martial arts.

Emmy   award   winning   Director,   Susan   Rorhor (Never Say Goodbye,  Emancipation  of Lizzie Stern, For Jennie with Love, Sweet Valley High)  reveals a side of adolescence to the viewing audience which may have been long forgotten…   real kids with real families, problems  and  success  stories.

Martial Arts is also shown in its true light. Something  that builds  confidence,  discipline and character…  while develop­ing  positive  life  long  friendships… even with your parents.

Karate  Kid meets Wonder Years?
No,  something better…

the Dojo Kids.


Kirk Koskella With The Dojo Kids