Cutter Cain ~ Book and Screenplay By Kirk Koskella

Writing “Cutter Cain”  I thought it might be time to add some color to the site by adding a couple of chapters to my latest family adventure; “Cutter Cain.”  In fact, we have already turned the book into a screenplay as well.  I hope that you’ll enjoy it.   “Cutter Cain” Chapter 1 - 1878 [...]

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Yukon Jack ~ Screenplay

Sometimes feelings are hard to figure out. People dance around whether or not they like someone, whether or not they want to be with someone, or whether there are just looking for a good time. Of course then you have to figure out what it means by "looking for a good time". Romance novels fly [...]

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DEBT OF HONOR ~ By Kirk Irving Koskella

DEBT OF HONOR (Book 1- Matt Kelly, Weapons Master Series) BY KIRK IRVING KOSKELLA Third Revision © 2003, 2008, 2012 Kirk I. Koskella NAK Filmworks ESTABLISHING SHOT – INTERIOR NIGHT DARKENED ROOM – WORKBENCH MULTI-ANGLED MONTAGE WHILE WORKING (DARK MUSIC PLAYS) A single 40 watt light bulb illuminates the bench as a craftsman works diligently [...]

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Debt of Honor – Screenplay and e-Book

“Debt of Honor” is a Screenplay written by Kirk Koskella “Matt Kelly doesn't miss Covert Opps… much. He’s retired, done his part.Now the only Assassins he has to worry about are 10-12 year old Martial Arts students…But nobody told the Bad Guys. As former Team Members begin to disappear and die Matt Kelly must use [...]

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