Learn To Manage

Some years ago, I was asked to run a branch of a well-known Talent Agency in Arizona.  That was a bit sticky as I was also a talent.  A Member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).  The two are combined today for the [...]

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Dojo Kids

A few years back many people had no idea what a “Dojang” was (the equivalent of the Japanese “Dojo”, or martial arts school). For ease of speech and recognition I created “Dojo Kids.” It was a simple, straightforward idea about Junior High/Middle School kids dealing with every-day “kid” things – with a twist. Their protector [...]

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Walking Shoes

It has been near 20 years since I have called the Screen Actor’s Guild to ask for my residual payments. According to my figures, that means I should have about $12.28. But since I spent Monday with a pretty knowledgeable producer, it just may be time to call in and get those funds to pay [...]

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Entertainment Fantasy and a Reality Check

There is a place in this world where fantasy meets reality. For some it is in a fine novel. Others need to have the visual stimulation of a good movie, or music that evokes such emotion that laughter or tears become their refuge from the world. Is it any wonder that we seek to hear [...]

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Making a Difference

When Ben Moses, who was one of the producers of “Good Morning Vietnam”, asked me to come in to LA and speak to one of his classes, that class was on film production and Ben had people of notoriety in the movie business come in and explain to his students what it is that they [...]

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Kirk Koskella Martial Arts & The Entertainment Industry

Kirk Koskella recently said: “ I want to see and make films that reinforce the fact that if you tell the truth, if you have the courage and you take the risk, whatever follows will be worthwhile. Even if our progeny are not able to understand our sacrifice. The fact is, fidelity to a personal [...]

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