Gift Giving in Korea

There once was a man who had grown up with a Prince of the people. This man had been a childhood companion of the Prince for a mere 7 years.  Yet he thought that a strong bond had formed.  Over the years as their contact had become lessened, the man remembered fondly the words of [...]

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Your Korean Family

There are few people in the world more respectful and kind than those found in the Korean culture. Especially for those who seek to understand the language (Hangeul Mal). There are far fewer Korean characters than found in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Phonetically speaking, that helps you begin learning to read and write Korean in [...]

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Korean Etiquette and Compliments

In the Korean culture it is considered virtuous to decline compliments. In the west we often believe that it is not bragging when we state facts that demonstrate accomplishments. This understanding of Korean cultural norms relates to humility as taught under doctrines of Confucius. Self-deprecation being akin to an art form. In fact, great centers [...]

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