A Division of People

~~~ Where has respect and honor gone? When the masses scream for personal rights, declaring that one class of people or another have none, how can we envision a society where all the people can come together? We hear the scream of black lives matter, blue lives matter, and all lives matter. One side claims [...]

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Self-Reliance, or Conformity

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: “A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.” In further research, I found that another quote serves well to be remembered on this day, when the troubles of the world include questions related to “which bathroom” should be used. Again, from Emerson: “Society everywhere [...]

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Betrayal in Today’s Mindset

Unfortunately, the world today is one that focuses on personal ‘freedom’ which is demonstrated by selfish indignation toward others. While we are reminded to have compassion for others, many do not have the capacity for ‘empathy’. The word itself seems to have been banished to a netherworld undefined – other than the acknowledgement that it [...]

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History and Fates

History and Fates - a commentary by Kirk Koskella The old adage (sometimes a cliché), is that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  With that in mind, the question often coming to the forefront of my mind is whether we are intentionally turning a blind eye to reason?  A [...]

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Commitment and Compromise

Is there ever a time when compromising your honor might be acceptable?  A time when the thought that your focus, your personal “rules,” might be less important than public perception?  Or, the perception of your friends and family. When you find yourself in times of turmoil and trouble, do you seek a listening ear?  Do [...]

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What’s a Promise, Anyway?

I have always wondered why having lots of money didn’t mean much to me. I know it meant much to those around me. And, it was something that was good to have when I needed to take care of a bill. But, the greater part of my thoughts were always directed to what could be [...]

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A Thing Called Honor

I would speak of a thing called honor if I could but decide where to begin. For tales of great battles come to mind first. Replaced by the blood of another given to save a life. Whether of one’s child, the dying patient, or some stranger because of a simple belief: a belief that giving [...]

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Question: How Do You Determine If You Are Innocent?

Study Reveals 10 Factors in Wrongful Conviction Cases By Lauren Ober, March 11, 2013 A new research report from Professor Jon Gould and his team helps provide a more complete picture of wrongful conviction in the United States by identifying 10 factors that point to systemic failure in the criminal justice system. Using sophisticated social [...]

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28 Hours in a Day

I have often asked myself how to get everything I want done in a single 24 hour day. Doctors state that we need 8 hours of continuous sleep.  Ha!  We are told to eat three meals a day. Ha, again!  If working out, that is in addition to protein shakes, power bars and a couple [...]

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Fear of Police?

People have an unhealthy fear of police that seems to come from their personal quest for greater freedoms. This is an interesting concept that has been for many years negated by those who believe that children should be permitted freedoms that equate to adulthood. My own mother once told me that she would rather me [...]

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