Becoming SAFE! By GM Kirk Koskella

Becoming SAFE! By GM Kirk Koskella This is an open letter to ALL Martial Artists, systems and styles. Who will join me in doing the same? Article Originally Posted on Seowon Tigers Tucson Facebook Page Forget playing the blame game. This is ALL misdirection. It is time to stop blaming the police, the government, the [...]

Becoming SAFE! By GM Kirk Koskella2018-03-02T14:50:40-07:00

Jennifer’s Birthday

Jennifer's Birthday There remains a hole in my heart where you used to be. Though the years have passed, time is no remedy for my other half. Not a day goes by that I do not think of the joy that you brought to me. To our family. When we were [...]

Jennifer’s Birthday2017-09-17T13:29:41-07:00

Happy Birthday Emily

Happy Birthday, Emily Time passes and living life brings you another day of remembrance. What often is missed is the thoughts, prayers and well-wishes that come from people far from you… far from your mind. Though you will likely never see this posting, it commemorates your birth as seen through a Father’s eyes. Never [...]

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A Division of People

~~~ Where has respect and honor gone? When the masses scream for personal rights, declaring that one class of people or another have none, how can we envision a society where all the people can come together? We hear the scream of black lives matter, blue lives matter, and all lives matter. One side claims [...]

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Father’s Day

  This day of reflection on my life and the life of my own father I settle on the love that has never changed.  Each man, in his own way, loves his children and the spouse that has borne those children. Regardless of what else may have transpired, those children are a reflection of our [...]

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Self-Reliance, or Conformity

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: “A man must consider what a rich realm he abdicates when he becomes a conformist.” In further research, I found that another quote serves well to be remembered on this day, when the troubles of the world include questions related to “which bathroom” should be used. Again, from Emerson: “Society everywhere [...]

Self-Reliance, or Conformity2017-05-18T13:50:09-07:00

Betrayal in Today’s Mindset

Unfortunately, the world today is one that focuses on personal ‘freedom’ which is demonstrated by selfish indignation toward others. While we are reminded to have compassion for others, many do not have the capacity for ‘empathy’. The word itself seems to have been banished to a netherworld undefined – other than the acknowledgement that it [...]

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Time Passes… Happy Birthday Emily

You probably thought I had forgotten. I did not. Could not ever. Rather, my mind has been germinating on what I could possibly say that would help you in your life. Certainly you are all grown up. You make your own choices now (at least I pray you do). So, maybe all I can tell [...]

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Jennifer’s Post

My eldest daughter’s birthday was last week and I had thought to add a post of Birthday wishes on that day. Returning by plane from Minnesota I edited a bit of my remarks before scrapping the whole thing.  I had thought to not write further, as the ravages of divorce some years ago nullified any [...]

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Father’s Day 2015

This Father’s Day, as it is most, was my birthday.  A day for celebration.  Depending on how old you are… or how young.  Now if there were an elixir that provided eternal youth, what thoughts would each passing year evoke?  Would we be more troubled, more at peace, or continue to live our life with [...]

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