The Sleeping Tiger ComesThere is a story of long ago. Of men who sought the tiger. Hoping to learn his ways.
Though many thought they found it, their lives were forfeit, the first day.
For a tiger sleeps still, majestic and proud. When he dreams, he becomes man.

Those fools sought the way of the hunt. Pursuit, a chase to kill, and never knew…
The truth of what lay inside. The man who watched, who learned, who listened.
For when man believes himself so sure, His dreams betray the tiger’s reality.

And in this place of tigers and men, there are those who profess loyal sayings.
A test failed, again. Greater skill, a fallacy. New challenges must be denied.
The tiger waits for all-wise fools. Those whose steps reveal immaturity of thought.

Those who come to learn, never see what is plain. Could they know what’s withheld?
For the ways of men are not without guile. Even trying to defend their base deeds.
The tiger reflects knowledge in learning one’s true nature. To be guarded dearly.

It is said the tiger moves without sound. Still, in darkened places. There is no race.
A pleasant wait. Until the game is readied. Until all who enter his world are prepared.
As foretold. Those who lie to learn, then defile the tiger’s world betray themselves.

So, the tiger defends his kingdom. He permits life to live. He watches and waits.
He enjoys his slumber. Knowing great battles await. With no fear for pure hearts.
To laud the success of his betrayers, knowing he, or she, will find no purchase.

The Sleeping Tiger has no reason to worry or care. It is as spoken in days of old;
If men come to kill the tiger to take all he possesses, The tiger will sleep, readied.
He is the Tiger. Whether awake or asleep. Other’s merely imposters to nobility.

Beware then, it is from the depths of a mirror’s shadow — the sleeping tiger comes.