Becoming SAFE! By GM Kirk Koskella

Becoming SAFE! By GM Kirk Koskella

This is an open letter to ALL Martial Artists, systems and styles. Who will join me in doing the same?

Article Originally Posted on Seowon Tigers Tucson Facebook Page

Forget playing the blame game. This is ALL misdirection.

It is time to stop blaming the police, the government, the NRA, and even the President for our children NOT being safe. It is time to stop looking to school officials, the Police, or even confronting democratic and republican ‘mistakes’ or presumed legislative inaction. It is time to STOP being afraid of going to school, the mall, amusement parks, and church, as some crazed killer is contemplating his fame by mass murder.

We are unsafe because we have decided we are weak. We cannot overcome adversity ourselves. We have had our feelings hurt and need counseling. The difference in mental attitudes of our forefathers, fighting for freedom in the revolutionary war, WWII, and the Vietnam era, has been replaced by FEAR!

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The truism, “If you can do one thing, you can do anything” provides the solution. YOU can make a difference. The difference three young men made on a commuter train by protecting others. The family that protected itself from home invasion, staring death in the face, …and, the Coach who protected his students while losing his life. Stop saying how sorry we are when WE can make that difference. We can teach others to have that same skill-set.

How many Black Belts don’t know what to do when the time comes to USE your skills?

You have practiced. Learning how to overcome a greater foe. Maybe it is now time to step up and be a leader. Lead by example – teaching others HOW to be SAFE. Can you defend against a knife, gun, or so called assault rifle? No? Not if you remain fearful to DO SOMETHING when it matters most. You don’t always need a gun. You just need to know what to expect, how to either hide, escape, or evade. Most important, when all else fails, HOW TO FIGHT!

I do not care what kind of martial art you train in; Become an Expert. Know that you will be able to use your head and your technical skills to save your life, your family’s life, and those of your friends. Stop waiting for someone else to do it for you. Stop thinking the Police will be able to get to you before you have to do anything. Stop holding up protest signs that take your time away from learning to protect yourself.

Learn to apply your skills.

Pioneers had to do for themselves. Today, YOU are the new Pioneer. Think and act like one. The landscape has changed. People abdicate their responsibilities to protect themselves, or others in favor of taking photos on cell phones broadcasting to the world. They expect others to call 911. They run and hide, sometimes permitting the death of innocents.

This is why I am now taking 20 Black Belts all styles. I will train you for 2 months – FREE! I will teach you how to overcome fear, to expertly execute lifesaving techniques. I will teach you how NEVER to become a Victim again. I will teach you to help others when in need. To safely, and proficiently, prevent you and your loved ones from ever being preyed upon again.

I require at least 3 days per week for that 2 month period. At no Cost to you, and no future obligation.

It is time WE (YOU and I) stop being victims, so the world will become safer, one enabled person at a time!