Betrayal in Today’s Mindset

Unfortunately, the world today is one that focuses on personal ‘freedom’ which is demonstrated by selfish indignation toward others. While we are reminded to have compassion for others, many do not have the capacity for ‘empathy’. The word itself seems to have been banished to a netherworld undefined – other than the acknowledgement that it [...]

Betrayal in Today’s Mindset2017-05-18T13:50:09-07:00

Time Passes… Happy Birthday Emily

You probably thought I had forgotten. I did not. Could not ever. Rather, my mind has been germinating on what I could possibly say that would help you in your life. Certainly you are all grown up. You make your own choices now (at least I pray you do). So, maybe all I can tell [...]

Time Passes… Happy Birthday Emily2017-05-18T13:50:09-07:00