Jennifer – Character and Life’s Pathways

I was sent a proverb of sorts the other day. It said, “be more concerned with your character than your reputation, … because your character is what you really are, … while your reputation is what others think you are.” In life, there are as many roads to travel as there are people to take [...]

Jennifer – Character and Life’s Pathways2017-05-18T13:50:10-07:00

People And Faith

People; Placing Your Faith in Others Once upon a time… sounds good in fairy tales. However, reality is less than kind when many people focus on selfishness rather than selflessness. It is said that most people leave a particular religion or another because ‘someone’ hurt their feelings. Imagine. Some unfeeling person, or overly sensitive person [...]

People And Faith2017-05-18T13:50:10-07:00