Father’s Day

The nurturing of small children comes to mind. The need to pick up those who have fallen. To carefully apply Bactine and kisses to knee scrapes – washing away their crocodile tears. What then does a Father do when his time passes? When the need to nurture seems lost to his child’s impression of adulthood? [...]

Father’s Day2013-06-20T14:49:50-07:00

Taekwondo Training – Community Centers

I recently went to a local community center to view ongoing Taekwondo training. The hall showed 36 children of varying ages (mostly 8 to 12). The Instructor appeared to be a middle aged man of some distinction. His techniques were solid enough, clean enough, and demonstrated that he had once honed his craft well. As [...]

Taekwondo Training – Community Centers2017-05-18T13:50:11-07:00

If You Want to Make God Laugh…

“If you want to make God laugh, just tell him what you intend to do with your life.” Or, that’s what I have heard all my life. It wasn’t until recently, the irony of that comical quip came back to remind me of what it means to be alive. A friend of mine, Alan, has [...]

If You Want to Make God Laugh…2017-05-18T13:50:11-07:00