ASMKA – Grand Master Instruction Base

Grand Master Kirk Koskella has implemented a system of training that incorporates immersion training by guest Korean Grandmasters as well as those of the United States. This System of Training is known as “Seowon Training” or the “Seowon System.” Superior instruction in a proprietary curriculum that eclipses any individual system of martial arts training. The [...]

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Question: How Do You Determine If You Are Innocent?

Study Reveals 10 Factors in Wrongful Conviction Cases By Lauren Ober, March 11, 2013 A new research report from Professor Jon Gould and his team helps provide a more complete picture of wrongful conviction in the United States by identifying 10 factors that point to systemic failure in the criminal justice system. Using sophisticated social [...]

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Magic and Illusion: When to Fight

The Conjurer by Hieronymus Bosch, between 1496 and 1520 There are a number of books that have been written over time which are used in modern day society where business is seen in terms of battles and battlefields. You can speak words from “Sun Tzu” or from Miyamoto Mishashi’s “Go Rin No Shu” [...]

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American Song Moo Kwan Association Organization

The American Song Moo Kwan Association was formally created on November 22, 1994 by Grand Master Kirk I. Koskella who was then residing in Orem, Utah. The name "American Song Moo Kwan Association" was chosen to reflect the training established by Master Koskella’s work within the Song Moo Kwan system of martial arts subsequent to [...]

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Yukon Jack ~ Screenplay

Sometimes feelings are hard to figure out. People dance around whether or not they like someone, whether or not they want to be with someone, or whether there are just looking for a good time. Of course then you have to figure out what it means by "looking for a good time". Romance novels fly [...]

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