The American Song Moo Kwan Association

More than one Grand Master has sat in judgement where my students testing was at issue. In each case there came a time when the Master straightened, jerked upright, or gasped at the technical prowess being shown. Even, on one occasion, being executed by a 12 year old boy. The question and chastisement following was [...]

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28 Hours in a Day

I have often asked myself how to get everything I want done in a single 24 hour day. Doctors state that we need 8 hours of continuous sleep.  Ha!  We are told to eat three meals a day. Ha, again!  If working out, that is in addition to protein shakes, power bars and a couple [...]

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Walking Shoes

It has been near 20 years since I have called the Screen Actor’s Guild to ask for my residual payments. According to my figures, that means I should have about $12.28. But since I spent Monday with a pretty knowledgeable producer, it just may be time to call in and get those funds to pay [...]

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