Gift Giving in Korea

There once was a man who had grown up with a Prince of the people. This man had been a childhood companion of the Prince for a mere 7 years.  Yet he thought that a strong bond had formed.  Over the years as their contact had become lessened, the man remembered fondly the words of [...]

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DEBT OF HONOR ~ By Kirk Irving Koskella

DEBT OF HONOR (Book 1- Matt Kelly, Weapons Master Series) BY KIRK IRVING KOSKELLA Third Revision © 2003, 2008, 2012 Kirk I. Koskella NAK Filmworks ESTABLISHING SHOT – INTERIOR NIGHT DARKENED ROOM – WORKBENCH MULTI-ANGLED MONTAGE WHILE WORKING (DARK MUSIC PLAYS) A single 40 watt light bulb illuminates the bench as a craftsman works diligently [...]

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Fear of Police?

People have an unhealthy fear of police that seems to come from their personal quest for greater freedoms. This is an interesting concept that has been for many years negated by those who believe that children should be permitted freedoms that equate to adulthood. My own mother once told me that she would rather me [...]

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