New Year Message

It is time to reacquaint myself with those of you whom I haven't met. My name is Kirk Irving Koskella. It is a new year. A new time. For many a time when people make resolutions. Hoping for better times, friends, and things they sometimes feel will make their lives better. Maybe a little bit [...]

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Growing Up With Principles

When I was 12 years old, my father brought home the most gorgeous Shetland pony that I had ever seen. He was a "Golden Shetland" Stallion and a Grand Champion. I was not aware of his exact division in which his "status" as grand champion was achieved. It turned out to be a very limited [...]

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Christmas Prayers

We didn't have much money. It was time to go to Reno for our Christmas shopping. This year was my turn to get a new pair of boots. I was so excited. My sisters and brothers bundled up and headed out to the car. At 12, I thought I was all grown up. I saw [...]

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Teaching Martial Arts

If teaching Martial Arts is not something that will make most instructors rich, why do we choose to teach? Why is it so many instructors hold down multiple additional jobs, just to impart a portion of that income back to their students? Although some may not recognize why they do such things, there is an [...]

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Beware the Sleeping Tiger

There is a story of long ago. Of men who sought the tiger. Hoping to learn his ways. Though many thought they found it, their lives were forfeit, the first day. For a tiger sleeps still, majestic and proud. When he dreams, he becomes man. Those fools sought the way of the hunt. Pursuit, a [...]

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Empower Your Kids With Martial Arts Training

Over the past few months violence at schools, in malls, and other public places has increased our children's worries. We sometimes forget that they need reassurance that everything will be okay. Instead of focusing on the tragedies and those outside our own families affected, we must take action to assure they feel safe. We purchase [...]

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Your Korean Family

There are few people in the world more respectful and kind than those found in the Korean culture. Especially for those who seek to understand the language (Hangeul Mal). There are far fewer Korean characters than found in Japanese and Chinese cultures. Phonetically speaking, that helps you begin learning to read and write Korean in [...]

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Fear For Our Children

A few nights ago I penned something I had not intended to ever post. It is quite personal and meant for me alone. However, the events in Connecticut of yesterday have caused me to rethink posting this writing. Where so many families lives have been impacted, I would hope to rethink the sanity of feelings [...]

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Happy Birthday, My Son

The photo you see here is one that no one but myself has had. A moment in time when you and I had our first chat. It isn't easy to say what things we shared. Not when so much has passed us by. But on that day, for a moment, it was just you and [...]

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Korean Etiquette and Compliments

In the Korean culture it is considered virtuous to decline compliments. In the west we often believe that it is not bragging when we state facts that demonstrate accomplishments. This understanding of Korean cultural norms relates to humility as taught under doctrines of Confucius. Self-deprecation being akin to an art form. In fact, great centers [...]

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