About eight and a half years ago I contracted Coccidioidomycosis (San Joaquin Valley Fever). The disseminated version. The survival rate for white males 25 to 60 is .05%. I am still here. At the time, I was heading back to medical bay after being told I just had a bad cold. I didn’t make it. [...]


Entertainment Fantasy and a Reality Check

There is a place in this world where fantasy meets reality. For some it is in a fine novel. Others need to have the visual stimulation of a good movie, or music that evokes such emotion that laughter or tears become their refuge from the world. Is it any wonder that we seek to hear [...]

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Setting The Record Straight – Who Is J. Wayne Allen?

Things were getting better. There was no advertising. Each person employed by me was an attorney, accountant, or investment advisor. Just to make sure all was correct. Mike had quite a few clients that were receptive to restructuring their assets. That was where the Joint-Venture into Investments came into play. My first concern came as [...]

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My Thanksgiving Message

I let my mind wander to days where wondrous smells permeated the air of our home. Children enjoying the break from school. Work was far from my mind. Soft arms encircling my waist as a head lay on my shoulder… whispering words of love. I remember the dinners. Early on, meals prepared with insecure hopes [...]

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Life And A Game Of Chess

These past few days I recall how I quelled the anger of a client whose paperwork had been wrong. I needed to write an apology letter and in so doing garnered some acclaim with his advisors as I likened it to a game of chess. Though the words written in that letter are far from [...]

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Setting the Record Straight – Michael L Brown

It was another late night “across the pond.” Closing in on 3 am. I couldn’t sleep. I had a sacred trust to keep. Making sure all was right for my new clients. I was sharing a room at the “Four Seasons Hotel” with Mike. Not the kind of “Four Seasons” most would think. This was [...]

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The Importance of Youth Choices

 A man or woman without a defined purpose for life remains a follower. Some look to approval of others to be defined, rather than permit a healthy examination of personal aspirations. Choosing matters of satisfaction in life, we must be cognizant of decisions that can bring turmoil and strife. Even in adversity, those deepest reaches [...]

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Setting The Record Straight – The Isle

  I was imprisoned in the Isle of Man (between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea) February of 1997, without initial charges being disclosed to me. I later was told that an unsigned, undated, facsimile was sent to the Police Department in the Isle claiming that I had stolen about 65,000 (GBP) from a [...]

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I know that there is at least one person out there that may believe this a piece to be about something “other” that what I am writing about. And while the title phrase is used in a variety of ways, let me be specific: When do you hide from being who and what you are? [...]