Kirk Koskella Martial Arts & The Entertainment Industry

Kirk Koskella recently said: “ I want to see and make films that reinforce the fact that if you tell the truth, if you have the courage and you take the risk, whatever follows will be worthwhile. Even if our progeny are not able to understand our sacrifice. The fact is, fidelity to a personal [...]

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Martial Arts – 3rd Dimensional Martial Arts Training

Grandmaster Kirk Irving Koskella holds 8th Degree Black Belt certification in Taekwondo, Hapkido and Ki Bon Moo Gi – Yu Shin Gum Do (BEOP), from both Korea and the United States. Master K established the American Song Moo Kwan Association (ASMKA), and its National Training Center (NTC), in honor of Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick [...]

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Setting The Record Straight

In 2002 after discovering and questioning the validity of $500 million of his bonds previously validated by Reuters and Moodys, Kirk Koskella contacted the SEC. The purchase of these securities were to be used as partial funding for the construction of a motion picture studio theme park project. The investigation found that the actions of [...]

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