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Excerpt from; “Undercover Prisoner”

Kirk Koskella’s first performances were in song (1971). His first in film came in 1974. He earned his first degree black belt in Taekwondo that same year. 1975-6, Kirk served as Ranger 2nd Class in the Civil Air Patrol (Frank Borman Search and Rescue). In 1977, Kirk was selected to become a cast member of “Up With People” (1977). At the same time being courted by the US Army Karate Team; and, offered a position to serve with the Tucson Police Department.

Kirk Koskella later served with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (Media Reserve Unit); trained the Anti-Terrorist Tactics Team for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic’s Games; and, continues to train law enforcement (Police Sheriff, state and federal, SWAT, HRT, and Elite Military Special Forces. This while Kirk continued his acting and film production pursuits.

Kirk Koskella’s adversity includes being falsely imprisoned abroad (held captive and tortured in a 1200 year old prison cell). The Charges later dropped, being released without an apology. Returning to the USA, Kirk fought to defend himself against domestic imprisonment for more than 10 years, abandoned by those who claimed love and support. The truth may surprise you. (“Undercover Prisoner” January 2019)

Kirk draws from life experience; divorced after 25 years of marriage, alienated from his children. Kirk desperately gave aid and support in his second wife’s unsuccessful battle with breast cancer. In 2013, Kirk was finally blessed to be reunited, and then marry, his high-school sweetheart.

Writing and acting is Kirk’s outlet for helping others as well as himself. Helping others to laugh, cry and escape the reality of hard lives. Learning how to face personal challenges and obtain triumph from hardship or tragedy. Learning to laugh at life itself by a return to the written word; writing of adventures known and unknown.

Kirk Koskella has also created a Non-profit Martial Arts Scholarship Program for Youth from single parent households; the children of fallen officers, deployed moms and dads and those with incarcerated parents. Kirk provides 150 scholarships for free training (including uniforms and safety gear) every six months. Taekwondo, Hapkido and Gumdo training as one solution to our “latch-key” dilemma. Helping and protecting those in need.

We Welcome you to Kirk Koskella’s website