Father’s Day

  This day of reflection on my life and the life of my own father I settle on the love that has never changed.  Each man, in his own way, loves his children and the spouse that has borne those children. Regardless of what else may have transpired, those children are a reflection of our [...]

Time Passes… Happy Birthday Emily

You probably thought I had forgotten. I did not. Could not ever. Rather, my mind has been germinating on what I could possibly say that would help you in your life. Certainly you are all grown up. You make your own choices now (at least I pray you do). So, maybe all I can tell [...]

Jennifer’s Post

My eldest daughter’s birthday was last week and I had thought to add a post of Birthday wishes on that day. Returning by plane from Minnesota I edited a bit of my remarks before scrapping the whole thing.  I had thought to not write further, as the ravages of divorce some years ago nullified any [...]

Father’s Day 2015

This Father’s Day, as it is most, was my birthday.  A day for celebration.  Depending on how old you are… or how young.  Now if there were an elixir that provided eternal youth, what thoughts would each passing year evoke?  Would we be more troubled, more at peace, or continue to live our life with [...]

I Last Saw My Son…

I last saw my son when he was 19.  I asked him to take care of his mother and sisters when he returned.  He left on his Mission for the LDS Church to Raleigh, North Carolina.  I am told that he served his mission honorably and returned to our family. So, why have we not [...]

Emily, my Masterpiece

If we all agree that a ‘person’ is a work in progress, why do so many feel that they have already become masterpieces? Growing up means that we are able to learn more of ourselves as we adapt to the changes that occur. Whether it is the gray in our temples, the limp that comes [...]

Important Birthday’s

There are memorable times in the life of those we love which are often referred to as a “Birthday.”  Sometimes celebrated in great grandeur.  Other times, in quiet reflection.  Such are also in the days when your children cease to be children.  Even harder when those you love have been lost rejecting that love they [...]

It’s Been A While

Posts I read are often focused on the misery of others, losses, or even an occasional I told you so.  They tend to relate to personal feelings of what once was, what should have been, and even what could still be.   All in all, there is not a thing I have read lately about how [...]

Happy Christmas and Seasons Greetings

Sometimes I miss the lights of London during the holiday season. Seeing my children’s face light up as I return with “poppers” for them to open with a bang. More oft, I miss the gentle falling snows on a Christmas Eve, while sitting with my family, before the fire reading the Christmas Story. Rather than [...]

We Hope to Teach Them Well

In part, this message is for each of us who must be called parents. Each who must raise others to become fulfilled in the directions their lives are to undertake. But, it also remains a personal message to my son. I would be pleased to have you receive it as humbly intended. It wasn’t so [...]