Professional Liars

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is look yourself in the mirror.  That is what I had to do upon returning from the Isle of Man.  I had to realize that certain employees had known that I would be detained in the Isle; and, that these employees and associates had been profiting "illegally" from our [...]

Setting The Record Straight – Derek Smith & Co

  It was another stormy day in the Isle of Man. I was back at the Four Seasons. Once again, no relation to the world class accommodations by the same name… This place, to me, provided a wonderfully beautiful diversion from the world back home. The seas kicked up in froth, slamming the retaining wall [...]

Setting The Record Straight – Who Is J. Wayne Allen?

Things were getting better. There was no advertising. Each person employed by me was an attorney, accountant, or investment advisor. Just to make sure all was correct. Mike had quite a few clients that were receptive to restructuring their assets. That was where the Joint-Venture into Investments came into play. My first concern came as [...]

Setting the Record Straight – Michael L Brown

It was another late night “across the pond.” Closing in on 3 am. I couldn’t sleep. I had a sacred trust to keep. Making sure all was right for my new clients. I was sharing a room at the “Four Seasons Hotel” with Mike. Not the kind of “Four Seasons” most would think. This was [...]

Setting The Record Straight – The Isle

  I was imprisoned in the Isle of Man (between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea) February of 1997, without initial charges being disclosed to me. I later was told that an unsigned, undated, facsimile was sent to the Police Department in the Isle claiming that I had stolen about 65,000 (GBP) from a [...]

Setting The Record Straight

In 2002 after discovering and questioning the validity of $500 million of his bonds previously validated by Reuters and Moodys, Kirk Koskella contacted the SEC. The purchase of these securities were to be used as partial funding for the construction of a motion picture studio theme park project. The investigation found that the actions of [...]