Martial Arts: Art Versus Reality – Part Three

We return to a question of balance in all things. Balance provides what is needed to overcome an aggressor. People of all shapes and sizes from all walks of life have performed fantastic feats well beyond physical limitations when necessary to protect themselves, or their loved ones. Extreme tasks have been performed when called upon [...]

Martial Arts: Art Versus Reality – Part Two

Preparing to defend one's self may be as simple as recognizing your surroundings, holding yourself as confident and unapproachable. But, being prepared for "war" is also your personal duty in not becoming a victim. It is said that “the greatest swordsman in the world is the one whose sword never leaves his scabbard”. If so, [...]

Martial Arts: Art Versus Reality – Part One

There are a number of classic martial arts films that spawned, encouraged and enticed generations into enrolling to train in Karate, Kung Fu, Hapkido, Judo, Jujitsu, and Taekwondo over the years. Systems emerge every year that try to evolve into something to instill confidence in the next potential customer to walk through the door. So [...]

In Tribute To The Snow Tiger – Grand Master Bong Soo Han

It took me 3 days to get up enough courage to talk to him. I watched him as he kept to himself, deep in thought. I watched as he graciously spoke with all who approached him. He listened, he engaged each person as if they were the most important man or woman in the world. [...]

Masters Of The Morrow

Years ago, there was a certain mystique that permeated the martial arts. Whether your instructor was disciplined in Karate, Kenpo, Taekwondo, or Kung Fu, honorific rank advancement came at the hands of some ageless and timeless grand master who presumably knew ‘everything’. As we grew in training, so too was the awe with which we [...]

Kirk Koskella On Rape Awareness & Women’s Self-Defense

I have been asked to write somewhat concerning those things that are important, as mentioned on the initial page of this website. I will address a few. However, some things in my life are just too difficult to put into words at the moment. Rape Awareness and Women’s Self-defense are topics I have sought to [...]

Kirk Koskella Supporting Youth Drug Abuse Prevention Programs

Kirk Koskella has sought to support each of the communities in which he lived. In Los Angeles, Kirk served with a Reserve Unit of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, assisting in the SANE (Substance Abuse Narcotics Education) in raising more than $750,000 in its first local telethon, benefiting Los Angeles “at risk” youth. That [...]

Power Without Force By Kirk Koskella

Power Without Force Power without force is a dedication to principles that represent who you are. When you accept that dedication then your word once given will never be broken. Kirk Koskella wrote what is known as “Power Without Force”, the framework for those who are able to understand the depth of it’s precepts, for [...]

Power Without Force In Hangul

권력의 힘 없이   내가 약속을 구하는 내 마음의 지식   내가 약속을 구하는 내 몸의 지식   내가 약속을 존중하는 지식 및 신체 내 마음이 내 마음을   내가 약속을 지키기 위해 존경을 받기 위해 수 없는 사람들   나는 걷겠다는 약속을 나기 전에 나는 싸움을 자랑하는 5월 답답하게   나는 총을 찾겠다는 약속을 [...]

Kirk Koskella Martial Arts & The Entertainment Industry

Kirk Koskella recently said: “ I want to see and make films that reinforce the fact that if you tell the truth, if you have the courage and you take the risk, whatever follows will be worthwhile. Even if our progeny are not able to understand our sacrifice. The fact is, fidelity to a personal [...]