What Remains? Only Your Personal Code of Honor

Now we are straying from convention by presenting an extract of a post with a link to the full article which can be read on our Facebook Page. Kirk wrote to us at the beginning of the year describing Utah – “the land there speaks to my soul, the mountains, the sight of an American [...]

In Tribute To The Snow Tiger – Grand Master Bong Soo Han

It took me 3 days to get up enough courage to talk to him. I watched him as he kept to himself, deep in thought. I watched as he graciously spoke with all who approached him. He listened, he engaged each person as if they were the most important man or woman in the world. [...]

Making a Difference

When Ben Moses, who was one of the producers of “Good Morning Vietnam”, asked me to come in to LA and speak to one of his classes, that class was on film production and Ben had people of notoriety in the movie business come in and explain to his students what it is that they [...]