Kirk Koskella enjoys a life filled with diversification.  His lifelong passion of martial arts and performing arts play in integral part in his long-term goals. However, acting, producing and writing continue to be some of his favorite pastimes.  His ultimate goal is in reinstalling traditional family values to a multitude of entertainment projects. In his youth Kirk Koskella devoted himself to training in Tae Kwon do, Hapkido, and Kumdo.  He feels blessed to have trained with many acclaimed Grand Masters.

Sharing this passion with others is reflected in his writing and producing credits.  His continuing quest for perfection in teaching traditional martial arts values is also reflected in many of his scripted film and television projects.  Having traveled the world over he is able to bring to life to a multitude of characters just waiting to tell their individual stories. Some of which may reflect his the oft times tumultuous personal and professional history, which is not shied away from.

Kirk Koskella has most recently been honored by receiving an appointment as President of the World Song Moo Kwan Association by its founder Supreme Grand Master Byung Jick Ro and Senior Grand Master Hee Sang Ro. Together they have established a new World Song Moo Kwan Training Headquarters, and its associated, first fully-integrated, martial arts university in the nation; Seowon University.

Martial Arts

Power Without Force by Master Kirk Koskella

Power without force is a dedication to principles that represent who you are. When you accept that dedication then your word once given will never be broken.

Kirk Koskella wrote what is known as “Power Without Force”, the framework for those who are able to understand the depth of it’s precepts, for those honorable enough to take up its mantle. Master K gave this to his students in 1981, the American Song Moo Kwan Association and Grand Master Ro in 1998 for all World Song Moo Kwan Association members.

If it’s precepts are adhered to it will not matter what life choices are before you, you will always do the right thing, even if there are severe personal consequences.

So choose carefully, do not raise your hand and accept these promises unless you have the fortitude to live them, to live it’s precepts and to it’s edicts, lest the words of Plato become your demise; “Mankind censuring justice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it”.

These are the promises that you make to yourself.


Debt of Honor

(Book 1- Matt Kelly, Weapons Master Series)

“Matt Kelly doesn’t miss Covert Opps… much. He’s retired, done his part.Now the only Assassins he has to worry about are 10-12 year old Martial Arts students…But nobody told the Bad Guys.

As former Team Members begin to disappear and die Matt Kelly must use his old skill sets once more…

Matt Kelly goes hunting.”

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Yukon Jack

I’m about finished with “Yukon Jack”. I’m not sure how it’s going to end yet.

But he’s given and always got. He hasn’t given up.

And right now he’s lying between two boulders at the bottom of the ravine. He has concussion, hypothermia is setting in and wolves can be heard as night settles.

Oh, yes. I forgot to tell you; there’s a 10 year old boy who was the only one who knows he’s missing. And he’s made it his job to find Yukon Jack.

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Cutter Cain

The smallest glimmer of sunlight peaks over the mountain as any moment the sun will come up.

The horse struggles the last few feet through chest deep snow finally gaining the peak.

With a wry smile the buckskin clad man scans the vast expanse of white.

He takes a swig of water from his canteen then returns it to his saddle horn.

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Entertainment Industry

  • Kirk Koskella the Hollywod Kid
  • Kirk Koskella a young man
  • Kirk Koskella as the Last Ninja
  • Kirl Koskella on the set of Petrocelli
  • Kirk with the Sheriffs Dept
  • Kirk Koskella Martial Artist

Kirk Koskella (SAG / AFTRA) got his start in the movie business at the age of 14 walking into an acting and modeling agency and stating flatly; “Here I am. I am ready to work.”  At 4am the next day he was on the set of “The Trial of Billy Jack.”  Later, he began hanging around the set of Barry Newman’s “Petrocelli” until Production Manager Sam Manners finally put him in front of the camera.

Such tenacity foretold his eventual career in acting, then producing. In fact, by the time he had graduated from high school, he had landed roles in a National McDonald’s commercial, four feature films, two television series appearances, and a full 13 episodes of “Petrocelli.”

Kirk’s acting career gained momentum in NBC’s “Enola Gay” starring Gregory Harrison and Billy Crystal.  Then playing sidekick to David Carradine in “High Noon, Part II: The return of Will Cain” (CBS).  Though a series of small roles and a featured cable show “Interview with Russell Dial” were to eventually define Kirk Koskella’s direction as an actor.  Including playing Sherm McMasters opposite Bruce Boxleitner’s Wyatt Earp and Marie Osmond’s Josie Marcus in “I Married Wyatt Earp” for NBC.


During this time, Kirk started to demonstrate his talents behind the camera as well. He began directing — first commercials, then multiple music videos and dramatic episodes of a Los Angeles area cable television series in which he later co-starred.  While Kirk’s other passion, martial arts, also had an influence on his career, as his expertise earned him jobs as a martial arts consultant on live-action shows and specials.

The inexorable shift to a career behind the camera was completed when Kirk suffered a heart attack at the age of 24. Kirk’s doctor forbade him from subjecting himself to the physical and mental stress involved with serious martial arts work, and Kirk, unwilling to leave the film making business, decided to pursue producing full-time.  Explaining that it “appeared” to be less stressful.

It turned out to be a wise decision, as his independent production company, NAK Filmworks, was soon in constant demand, providing it’s services to television shows like “Nitty: The Enforcer“; “Pursuits” with Lonnie Anderson; “The Wonder Years”; and “Leap of faith” with Annie Archer.  Perhaps the most satisfying was working to produce Spanish language commercials for Disney Parks. Credits thereafter were garnered in California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona, where Kirk has returned to his love of acting, while undertaking additional pursuits in commercials, television series and feature films projects.

Kirk now calls Mesa Arizona his home, though the excitement of the entertainment industry is ever calling.

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