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A Thing Called Honor

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Dojo Kids The Movie

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Women's Self Defence & Rape Awareness

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"Debt of Honor" by Kirk Irving Koskella

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Magic and Illusion - When to Fight

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The American Song Moo Kwan Association

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Walking Shoes

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Fear For Our Children

Teaching & Training Martial Arts ~ Writing & Producing Films

Kirk I KoskellaKirk Koskella maintains business interests in the martial arts and film entertainment industries. A major portion of that time is currently administering projects for the U. S. Armed Forces.

One such project serves the families of our fighting troops. Since early 2011 Kirk has completed design and production of 10 separate 3 dimensional Universal Studios style sets for the Fort Bliss and Old Iron Sides Museums in El Paso, Texas.

Continuing community and volunteer services are in support of youth drug abuse prevention programs and much needed awareness for rape crisis counselling. Kirk remains focused on helping to find a cure to eradicate Breast Cancer from which his wife passed away in 2007.

Too many of today’s films have gone the way of specialized computer graphics, high-end pyrotechnics, and green screen special effects. The screenplays that Kirk has written return us to human stories, events, and situations where character, integrity, ingenuity and a sense of moral values helps win the day. The reality that one man or woman can make a difference.

Puna Island Devastation

It’s Been A While

Posts I read are often focused on the misery of others, losses, or even an occasional I told you so.  They tend to relate to personal feelings of what once was, what should have been, and even what could still be.   All in all, there is not a thing I have read lately about how […]


What’s a Promise, Anyway?

I have always wondered why having lots of money didn’t mean much to me. I know it meant much to those around me. And, it was something that was good to have when I needed to take care of a bill. But, the greater part of my thoughts were always directed to what could be […]

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